Sovereign Birth Planning Consultation

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Looking for childbirth education that focuses on the physiology of natural birth with you as the authority of your experience?

You know deep in your bones that birth is meant to be a blissful and transformative experience.


You’ve heard stories of women giving birth ecstatically, me included, within the comfort and freedom of their own home.


You know that birth lays the groundwork for your entire motherhood journey.


Maybe you feel overwhelmed by choices and fears?


Do you want to learn how to create the perfect environment for you to birth your baby?


Birth is in our bones. 


Pregnancy and Birth should be a portal for deep connection to nature and a spiraling towards our innate knowing.

Through birth preparation coaching with me you will:

  • get the honest truth about how physiological birth works
  • untangle your fears surrounding birth
  • connect with and deepen trust in your intuition
  • become informed about all of your options, and how to create the ideal environment for your birth 
  • align with the choices that are right for you in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond
  • feel confident and prepared to give birth rooted in your own power 


Are you ready to cultivate the pregnancy and birth experience of your dreams?

This is for a two 60 minute sessions and will be done over Zoom.