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Hello! My name is Amelia Magnano. I’m so grateful to have you here.

I was born and raised on the east coast of the US in Connecticut. From a young age I felt like an old soul. I started questioning the cultural status quo and learned the practice of witchcraft as a fiery preteen. My passion for birth work began in high school, after watching a video of a woman birthing her baby at home. That same year I began dating my now husband, Ben. 

I spent many years through my teens and early twenties trying to figure out where I fit into modern society. My lifelong fascination with the Earth and all her workings led me to graduate from college with a bachelors degree in Biology. But at heart I was a witch and had passionate interests in herbal medicine and ancient Goddess religions and had no idea what to do after school ended. 

So we decided to start our family and I became a mother to our oldest, Finn, in 2017, followed by his little brother Ro almost exactly two years later. Finn’s unplanned traumatic cesarean birth was the catalyst that propelled me into my current work, and Ro’s birth, another unplanned cesarean after an attempted homebirth with medical midwives, left me determined to understand everything that had happened to me, and that is happening every day to women who choose to birth within the medical birth system. 

Since their births I have been on the journey of learning to navigate motherhood with Ptsd, anxiety & depression. I turned to plant medicine, breath work, yoga, pro-metabolic eating after three years of veganism, and went on a reclamation of rooted, ancestral ways of living with the guidance of my own ancestral line. 

My life has led me through the discovery of her-storical truths, reclamation of ancient divine feminine knowledge, learning to live within my body’s cyclical wisdom, cultivating a deep connection to nature, unlearning just about everything I ever thought I knew about women within the childbearing continuum, and stepping into sovereignty as the matriarch of my own family.

In February of 2022 I had a reclamation of my own when I birthed our third son in our bathroom at home after a “wild” pregnancy, a freebirth after two cesareans. His birth felt like coming full circle, and I’m forever grateful for every woman that was a part of supporting me along this path.  

I bring into my work my own experience, the endless amounts of reading and research I’ve spent the past 6 years doing, the immense wisdom that has been passed down to me from the traditional birth keepers and elders I’ve been mentored by, and an obsessive curiosity with diving into the inner depths of the self.

I serve women as a traditional birth keeper & childbirth educator/consultant. My current courses, guidebooks, and other offerings can always be found on My Offerings page. 

In my downtime I can be found curled up with a good book, holding womens circles, learning about energetics, frequency medicine and manifestation, doing yoga, hiking, gardening, cooking nourishing foods, ever expanding my knowledge of herbalism, and being mama to my three wildlings.