Moon Woman : Fertility Tracking e-book

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“Moon Woman" is a printable PDF e-book written from cited sources, along with my own experience of learning to practice cycle tracking + womb sovereignty.

It is designed to share with you the knowledge, tools, and practices to track your fertility to avoid or conceive pregnancy + thrive in your body as a cyclical woman.

Topics included are: 

- the physiology of female reproductive cycles

- how to track your cycle to identify your fertile window for conscious contraception/conception 

- the interconnection between nature + the physical, spiritual, and energetic cycles of women

- simple practices to honor your cyclical nature and thrive in alignment with your body


a bonus page sharing the most nourishing foods for women's lifelong reproductive and whole body wellness


integration questions to support you in unpacking common distorted beliefs about women’s bodies & rekindle your connection to your unique female body

resource list for those seeking even more information


“Moon Woman” is a printable PDF that will be sent to the email you provide at checkout